Do you want to access a secret database of high quality websites available for backlinks – with actual cost prices and email addresses of the website owners?

Thus, fully avoiding the extra fee you pay to resellers & agencies?


If you are doing manual white hat outreach to grab quality backlinks opportunities for your own website or of your clients, please read on.

Let’s face the harsh truth: manual outreach for link-building is akin to navigating a maze blindfolded. It’s not just time-consuming; it’s downright arduous.

Manual Outreach is tough

Imagine starting by sifting through countless websites to find the ones aligned with your niche. Found some? Great. Now, you’re shelling out for premium tools like Moz & Ahrefs just to gauge their SEO worth. But wait, the hurdles have only just begun.

Locating a mere contact email can turn into a treasure hunt. While some websites might oblige with visible contact details, others play hard to get, leaving you with frustrating contact forms as the sole communication gateway. And then there are the truly elusive ones — no contact form, no email. Here, even the vaunted outreach platforms like Hunter.io, NinjaOutreach, and Snov.io etc. sometimes draw a blank. I’ve often resorted to digital detective work, combing through social media profiles, only to send a message via Facebook Messenger!

But securing that contact is just half the battle. Once you’ve initiated contact, brace yourself for a patience-testing wait. Many owners might not even be interested in guest posts, and others? Well, they might ghost you or respond with a resounding ‘no’. If you’re lucky enough to strike a conversation, a final deal can still feel light-years away.

Bulk outreach might sound tempting as a workaround, but it’s a shot in the dark. There’s a high chance your well-crafted messages end up exiled to spam folders, rendering your efforts invisible.

In essence, manual email outreach for quality backlinks is a colossal undertaking, fraught with challenges at every turn.

What if you get a ready-made and ever-increasing database of websites with full details of their metrics such as:

Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority, Spam Score, Domain Rank (DR), Referring Domains (RD), Monthly traffic, Country wise traffic, Site performance during last 6 months?

Along with Niches accepted by the website owner for Guest post and link insertion on existing articles?

Along with the  actual cost price of such publishing (without any additional publishing fee normally charged by resellers and Agencies? Sometimes, the cost becomes almost double of the actual price?

All the above details and actual proof of the outreach to verify that these are actual costs?

What if you get all these for a very nominal monthly price? A sort of ‘Done For You’ Outreach campaign giving you thousands of sites to choose from for your backlinks needs ?

Secret Outreach Club is for You

Say goodbye to those expensive outreach and email finder tools. With access to our secret outreach database, you’ll unlock hundreds of pre-established campaigns from top-tier websites across every conceivable niche. Discover actual publishing costs and direct owner email addresses—all bundled together at a price that’ll leave you in disbelief.

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